“Michelle’s coaching style is collaborative, compassionate, and solution-focused. Her questions allowed me to tie my goals to my values and to connect more deeply to my motivation. I highly recommend partnering with Michelle if you want to move forward in achieving success.”

– A Rabe, Healthcare Professional

“Michelle asked powerful questions and followed up very effectively. I was able to focus better on specific goals and have a plan to achieve them. Her coaching held me accountable for my commitments.”

– A. Mounzer, Urologic Surgeon

“Michelle is a phenomenal listener. I was able to set priorities, make decisions aligned with my values, reduce my overload and feelings of being overwhelmed. I am more accountable and value myself in ways that I have not been able to implement before.”

– B. Garcia, Teacher/Writer

“Michelle is a great coach who challenged, and encouraged me in a variety of ways. She provided a unique partnership that helped me come up with new ideas and perspectives. In every session I walked away with an action plan that motivated me to complete it. Michelle is very professional and experienced as a coach and business woman. I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching and found it motivating and rewarding.”

– D. Templeton, HR Professional and Executive coach

“Michelle’s coaching style is collaborative, focused and transformational. Her calm positive energy is inspiring. I was amazed by her powerful question which brought me to self-awareness and insights for me to come up with my own solutions. Michelle is a wonderful coach.”

– E. Kamaras, Certified Financial Analyst

“Michelle is very supportive, encouraging, honest and present in her coaching style. The trust she was able to create was incredible. She listened extremely well and was able to keep me on track. I was learning and growing from the awareness created by her powerful questions. As a result of her coaching I now have increased confidence in pursuing my goals and career change. I recommend her highly.”

– J. Schoder, Marketing Professional

“I highly recommend Michelle as a coach. She worked with me to increase confidence in my personal and work life. Through this process I discovered how to ground myself during stressful times so that I am able to address personal and work challenges in a more positive manner. I am more confident, worry less and sleeping better. I’m grateful for what I have learned and how confident and happy I am in my life and career.”

– J. Starr, Manager Property Accounting

“Michelle’s coaching has helped me focus and my business is growing. I set a goal, developed a game plan to achieve it and made a bold change. This experience shows how powerful coaching can be.”

– K. Anthony, HR Professional

“The CVI assessment was extremely valuable. It helped me solidify my values, understand my strenghts and focus what I need to work on. I gained clarity on my future career steps and success in my current role.”

– N. Music-Laketic, Executive